The Cave

He walked into the cave without hesitation. There was no fear or doubt holding him back. I had no doubt as well to follow him because in truth it didn’t feel like I was following but walking together. I still did not know his name, or did I, but I just couldn’t get myself to say it. And that was the real fear and awe of actually bringing the mixtures of sounds and tones from my inner-hidden world to the outside world where I no longer control what might happen if I expose it.

Some things are better off in their pure form and not messed with. Secrets will stay secrets! And what shall be revealed will only be received by those of my choosing and in a way that can never be brought to the masses. Now I know this sounds all esoteric and mystical but don’t get caught up in those words that really don’t have meaning to most of us. Let’s just say that going into the cave was an adventure that will continue for eternity.

The sense of sight seemed not to be important for the first bit of time. The darkness, the light, the colors, the “I don’t know what” turned the experience of time into some other thing altogether. That first bit of time was not even a bit of time but 1,000 years and it didn’t seem like a long time or a short time. It just was what it was and how we usually perceive the passage of time just wasn’t there. It could’ve been 10 seconds and it could’ve been 100 million years and it would’ve been the same. Imagine the experience of space without time!! There’s a saying “time flies when you’re having fun.” Not even that comes close to not having time at all. Imagining it probably doesn’t even come close. Maybe not imagining it is the only way to get there. Because, it is a “there” that I’m talking about. But how can there be space without time? I don’t know but I was there for 1,000 years my first steps into the cave.

I’ve always known that the power of touch was something very deep and a vital part of the life force of all the worlds. But the first steps into the cave brought me face to face or better to say hand in hand with the source of this power in the created worlds. Beyond that I was not allowed to reach my hand in. It just grabbed me and transferred millions of lifetimes worth of information, wisdom and knowledge. I don’t know how else to describe it, but that’s what the experience was on that outside. The inside experience was silent and peaceful and will emanate for ever and ever. Touch is not just physical contact. Rising up from deep within the deepest depths of our beings is a flame of information that can only rise through the act of touch. The flame is always there and always looking forward to rising to the surface, but touch is needed. And I should probably say that it is only a certain type of touch. That’s for a later time, being that we are back in the world of space and time.

I will reveal to you that the secret in the revelation of the sounds and tones of the name can only be experienced, understood and known through the power of touch. I will say this…I am not only speaking of physical touch. But then again, I am.

The cave itself grabbed me and the heat from the rising fire burned everything that was ever me. Paradoxically, I walked out the other side. The other side exactly that…the other side of the same coin. It looked and felt different, but I knew it was the same thing. The same place, the same cave and even the same ME even though the fire burned my very being into a new one.

He was still there but now we were walking side-by-side ready for whatever might happen next. That’s why we were surprised when nothing happened. Well, you might ask what’s “Nothing” like? That’s another one of those secrets that just can’t be spoken of. But this one is more obvious about being a secret because how can words describe “nothing” other than the word nothing. This was all a test to prepare us. Although I’m still trying to figure out or to be enlightened as to how that prepared us.

I just want to take a step backward or maybe forward to get to know this friend of mine better. Being able to find one true friend is truly a precious gift in this world. And this friend of mine is truly a friend. Someone who is connected to me and connects me to me. And it goes without saying that I am a true friend to him. You can’t have one without that other, it just doesn’t work like that. It wouldn’t be a true friendship.

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