Intentioned Touch: A Practical Guide for Couples

Learn how to

  • Rediscover your partner 

  • Bring Intimacy back into your relationship

  • Reconnect with your partner


My name is Matt Gleicher and I’ve had a private Massage Therapy and Bodywork practice for close to 20 years now.  Something that comes up again and again with clients who are in relationships is that they are having more and more difficulty in the area of intimacy and communication.  Job, kids, exhaustion, not enough time, are all things that can easily pull us away from putting in important time and energy with our partner.  Being married for 14 years with 4 children, I can relate 100%. 

Many clients have discussed with me about not feeling comfortable giving and receiving touch and that the dialogue around that can be quite difficult. Many people expect their partner to just know what they are thinking, feeling or wanting and are surprised when that’s not the case. Also, some people think they know what their spouse is thinking, feeling or wanting but in reality, they don’t.  Some people complained that the passion, flirtation and humor from their relationship had disappeared from their relationship. 

I went through an interesting experience about 9 years ago.  I’ve been through many classes and trainings for massage and Craniosacral Therapy, but this experience was different and has made a deep impression on me.  I was in a Craniosacral Class to learn how to treat babies and children.  One of the days, we learned about something they called “Completing a biological Process.” We went off into groups of 3’s, and told we would be re-experiencing our birth process.  To make a long story short, I had 4 hands on me and was led through a guided meditation.  At a certain point, I felt like I was back in the womb and was even noticing that the Dr in the labor room was in a rush to get me out.  Right about that time, one of the teacher assistants in the seminar came over and put two hands on me and just held me.  And I felt for the first time such a strong sense that she had all the time in the world for me. That sense that nothing else in the world mattered for her except giving me the space to be me. It felt like she had nowhere else to be but with me.  In real time, it wasn’t that long, maybe a few minutes, but I realized that it doesn’t take a long time to make a deep connection given the right space and using the proper healthy intentioned touch one can magnetize it tremendously.

Intentioned Touch is such a profound and powerful tool of communication that it truly has the power to transform our relationships and ultimately the deepest parts of ourselves. 






This course will teach about Intentioned Touch in a hands-on experiential way that will help couples:

  • Build trust

  • Become more comfortable with touch

  • Open lines of communication

  • Rediscover Intimacy

You can find a way to reconnect with your spouse even if you:

  1. Don’t have a lot of time

  2. Don’t have experience with touch

  3. Don’t have a massage table (?)

Here’s what you get...


4 Group Lessons

1 Private Session with Matt


Follow Up Group Session (?)

The course has 4 modules

Lesson One - [Main Idea] Creating a Safe Space

A safe space is a space where we are protected from danger.  A space where we know we will not be attacked.  Safety is the key to opening the lines of communication with our partner and the space where a deeper intimacy can be created.  

This module includes:

  1. Learning how to create a safe Physical Environment

  2. Preparing oneself as giver

  3. Helping your partner to be physically & emotionally comfortable


Lesson Two - [Intro/Overview] Basics of Touch

This is the heart and soul of the course.  You will learn about touch in a way that is theoretical and hands-on in a way that opens new ways of thinking and feeling about different aspects of your relationship.

  1. Types of Touch

  2. Discuss Creating Healthy Boundaries; Trust & Unity; The Art of Giving; Staying Open

  3. How the Types of Touch are more than a metaphor for different dynamics of a Relationship

  4. Exercises that will internalize the types of touch 



Lesson Three - Massage  Technique Protocol

Learn useful and effective massage techniques in light of what you’ve learned in Modules 1 & 2. They are practical and useful in helping minor aches and pains and can be done in just a few minutes.

All techniques can be done without a massage table, fully clothed, and in any particular order or just one at a time.

  • Diaphragm Release

  • Back work

  • Neck work

  • Shoulder work

  • Occiput (head) hold



Lesson Four - Putting it all together & overcoming difficulties

This Module will review everything we’ve done and discuss difficulties that may have come up or may arise.

The Pilot Course Costs $297 per couple

Date of the course:  Starts Wednesday October 30th  6PM (Israel Time) 

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