Important Information for Your Massage Therapist

Before getting a massage, your massage therapist needs to know about you. Do you have any health conditions? What is your pain tolerance? These are just examples of things that your massage therapist is going to need to know about you to ensure that your massage is relaxing and is as pleasurable as possible. 1. Health Conditions Things like chronic pain are things that you need to tell your massage therapist about. There are different types of massages they can use to alleviate the pain and the symptoms that are brought upon by chronic pain. A deep tissue massage would help chronic pain the most, as the massage focuses more on the muscles. You will also need to be sure you tell them if you h

Swedish or Shiatsu? What's Right for You?

There are many different types of massage out there for you to get. All massages provide you with different benefits and are specifically made to help cure and relieve different illnesses and/or aches and pains. Massages are also a great way to relax. Here is a list of the most popular massages that people get, and the benefits of those massages. 1. Swedish Massage - Often known as "relaxation massage", this type of massage brings patients relaxation and ease. This massage involves long, flowing strokes, often towards the direction of the heart. Kneading and circular motions are also involved in this type of massage. Massage oils and lotions are used to minimize the friction. If you have nev

The Inside Scoop on Sports Massage

Describing it in a nutshell, the Sports Massage is a specialty massage technique that was created and developed with athletes in mind. And as such, the Sports Massage prepares the bodies of professional and amateur sportspersons for their best possible performance before participating in a sport and it then helps their bodies to recover afterwards. However, just because the Sports Massage was designed for those participating in sports, you do not have to be an athlete to reap the benefits from it. After all, athletes are not the only people who get injured and they by no means hold the monopoly on pain. The Sports Massage is, in effect, one of several forms of the Swedish massage and it p

The Many Benefits of Massage

Getting a massage isn't just good for you by bringing relaxation. There are other health benefits that you may not be aware of. Here is a list of six other health benefits that getting a massage can provide for you. 1. It counters all of the sitting you do in a day. A lot of people who go in for a massage are stressed. That stress carries in the person's shoulders and the neck most of the time. Getting a massage has proven to counter the imbalance people will have just by sitting. So, our advice to all the people who sit at desks all day for work, is to schedule a massage. You'll feel better and your postural stress will go down. 2. Your muscle pains will go down. By getting a massage, all y

Massage Must-Knows

Over the years, massaging has become extremely popular and as a result, you no longer have to seek out a luxury spa to feel the benefit as they are dotted around in numerous locations. Airports, hospitals, clinics, gyms, and more, all play host to a number of different massage treatments. So, let’s look into the basics. What Is It? The term ‘massage’ applies to any treatment that involves some form of pressing and maneuvering your skin as well as your muscles, ligaments and tendons. It can be important to know the differences between types of massage as they can vary greatly. Sports Massage - Here, you will experience different kneading techniques and you will feel circular movements by the

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